So Long, Summer.

According to my calendar, fall is on its way. YES. I know it seems redundant in my posts now, but I just refuse to contain the joy I feel for autumn’s fast approach. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting chilly, the rain is (of course) falling, and up here at my uni, the fog rolls around like a sleeping child. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

I think the reason I love fall so much is because you can do so much more in regards to fashion. That, and I’m a sweater junkie. Anything cozy and warm is right up my alley. But in all honestly, I believe fall is the start of something new. School had begun, the sky is changing, the days are (sadly) getting shorter. There is just so much change occurring around us that it is hard to ignore it.

It is also a time to change your wardrobe. We tend to put away the vibrant, neon hues of summer, and instead opt for darker, more richer tones to throw on in the fall. They reflect both the atmosphere and the mood of our surroundings. Autumn is the season to dig out those knit hats and riding boots, to pull out the scarves and the oxfords. My go-to fall look is something that incorporates both the scholastic feel of fall as well as the comfort aspect as well. Try and opt for burgundys, browns, tans, royal blues, and even blacks. Try layering pieces as well; it will keep you from the cold while helping to build a structured outfit.

Now I pose a question to you, in this short but sweet post: what is the one thing, if any, that you will miss about summer? And if not, what is the one thing that excites you about fall? Is it the ever-coveted pumpkin spice lattes making their fateful return? Or perhaps the appeal of layers and scarves that has you anticipating the colder days? Let me know in the comments below!

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Fitness and Fashion

Fitness and fashion. Who knew that both could work so well together?

Recently, I’ve been starting to get back into the swing of exercising and eating healthy. It’s not an easy task, but I’m up for the challenge. You see, I used to be a fitness fiend. Running everyday, constantly doing Blogilates videos. But as university crept into my life, and my free time started to rapidly deplete, I found that I no long wanted to put aside time for health. No, I did not gain the notorious “Freshmen 15” (my body doesn’t put on weight heavily, so I normally only gain 3-7 lbs, but it looks like a lot on my smaller frame), but I did find myself slowly getting out of shape. After some time, I was disappointed on how far I had let myself go. Things such as a 6km run that were easy before seemed like a marathon to me.

So I have decided that with my newly found free time over the summer, I will get back into the fitness thing, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll score that swimsuit body I’ve been waiting all my teen years for. But we’ll see.

Fitness is such a big part of the fashion world. It’s not just about going out and running. Oh no. You have to look good while doing it. Think of the whole yogi trend going on right now. There is almost this chic image to Yoga, and if you’re apart of it you’re seen as this fashionable person, who is indie and new. Yoga clothing even supports this image, with retailers such as Lululemon and TNA producing yoga (as well as other workout) wear in fresh designs and colourful pieces. It’s become a fashion genre of its own.

Personally, if I am going to work out, I know that I am bound to get sweaty and my hair will inevitably become matted. This is why I want to make sure my attire looks funky and in style. My favourite fashion piece within my workout wardrobe is my long-sleeved, turtleneck running top from Under Armour. First off, it has an optional piece at the neck to bring up over your mouth for colder days (the material is made to be breathable) and this is so convenient for winter runs. The other thing I adore about it is the design: it is magenta and navy striped, which is so interesting and different for exercise clothes. It’s just one of those pieces that makes me feel cool while wearing it.

You can literally do so much with exercise apparel. There is neon, cut-out, polka-dotted, mesh. Anything. So mix it up. Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle, so why not make it funky and still fashionable with the numerous interesting pieces you can find out there at your local shopping centre. Have fun with it.

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Being a Full Time Student

Mixing fashion, school, and work is overwhelming. Writing for the newspaper, taking on a full course load, plus working at Le Chateau has got me exhausted. Sigh.

I apologize in advance for being so slow on my posts, but as you can see from my first sentence, I have a ton on my plate at this moment. I will try and do a post every Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday. Thursday will more than likely be OOTD, due to the fact that I have my photographer that day (yay Sonia!). The weekend posts might be more trend or written posts. We’ll see. I write the fashion columns for my university’s newspaper, so doing one of those every week and plus a news column occasionally kind of makes me not want to write a full-fledged fashion article on here (and, alas, I cannot re-post what I send in to my editor because that, ladies and gents, is copyright infringement. I think.). But again, we shall see. Maybe I will feel up to it.

Also, I run a Tumblr, though that does not take much effort. But it is a vital part of my life that I am completely and utterly unwilling to give up. Sorry I’m not sorry. 

If you all didn’t know, I have started this blog as a way to get going on my fashion journalism career that I am currently pursuing. Yes, it’s a bit far-fetched, thinking I could run a successful fashion blog, but I am one to dream big. I am still learning so much about fashion, and I find this is the best place to express my growing knowledge and, again, learn more. So, bare with me. 

Until next time,