A little about passion

Home at last.

This past week has been a long string of goodbyes, hellos, and final paychecks. I left residence for the summer, saying my farewells to friends I will reunite with again in the fall, and others who I may not see for quite awhile. In both cases, it was tough. I don’t do well with departures, and this time was no exception. There’s just so many expectations and emotions; I get lost in the crossroads. But I did it and I survived, all 5’1 of me. It was a miracle, to say the least.

My co-op ended on a good note, and I left my cubicle for the last time on an accomplished high. I’ve learned so much about myself, what my goals are, what I like (and, you know, what I absolutely loath), and what I’m passionate about. That last one really became prominent as my term was wrapping up, because I’ve come to realize that work and passion can coexist and complement each other. Shocker, I know.

Passion is such a funny thing, isn’t it? There’s so much power to it. Passion is the driving force behind change and innovation, and it’s astounding to see where it takes people. As someone who revolves my life around my passions, I really love admiring this trait in others. One of my fellow co-workers in residence and close friend is immensely passionate about travel, urban planning, and Hong Kong. It’s inspiring to watch him take those three ingredients and shape a future for himself around them. He’s got such a drive, such a fire inside of him that I truly envy.

I guess it’s friends like this who have opened up my eyes to the possibilities of passion. I never really saw a parallel between my passions and my future career endeavours. They may have crossed paths once in awhile, but they were never running on the same track. The two were never friends, but rather, acquaintances who knew each other only on the surface. You know, that “I’ll make a pun and you’ll laugh and you’ll think I’m funny but you don’t even know where my hometown is” kinda acquaintances.

But this semester, whilst embarking on an adventure through the world of co-op and micromanaging my life, I realized that my passions CAN be at the forefront of my future. I just have to have faith in myself and believe that what I love to do can help me make a career for myself. So I’m going to go out there and write like no one is reading, discussing topics I love, and see where it takes me. You can bet your tuition that it’s going to be challenging, and this blog will more than likely be filled to the brim with endless accounts of me struggling. But I want to write about what I know and love–fashion, music, communication, and Korea. So I’m taking one hell of a chance, and putting my heart where my fingers are (does that even make sense?), to utilize my passions into something beautiful.

I guess you could say I’m inspired.

Until next time,



OOTD: Spring is on it’s Way


The one thing I both love and hate about living on the west coast is the constant showers of rain. It can be peaceful and tranquil at one moment, and then transform into a hideous monster of a storm the next. Today was, unfortunately, one of those days, hence why the shots are taken in two separate places: one in-door and one out. 

Therefore, I wanted to channel the spirit of a west coast spring, while sticking to a trend that I absolutely love for S/W 2013: pastels. This is where my mint, almost sea foam green blazer came into play. It’s comfortable and chic, making it the perfect statement piece to throw on over a neutral outfit.  For extra comfort, I wore my trusty black maxi, and slipped on my Jeffrey Campbell Litas for additional height. My accessories are simple; I wanted to keep it minimal. Personally, I might even take off the necklace I had worn, to keep it even cleaner. 

Please forgive my hideous facial expressions in both shots. It was cold and wet and I am not a model. Probably never will be. I should smile more.

Thanks once again to the amazing Sonia for making me look fantastic and tall in these photos (seriously I look like an amazon compared to my in real life height). She’s such a trooper, standing out in the cold and wet just to get a few good shots! You’re the best.


Items worn:
Blazer: Le Chateau
Minnie Mouse Tank: Berlin Market
Maxi Skirt: Ebay
JC Litas: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Steve Madden 

Until next time,