The Power of Denim

Everyone, I find, underestimates denim. 

An essential in my wardrobe, I find that denim is that one basic piece from which you can build any type of outfit, not matter the occasion. I mean, think about it. With all the varying colours, styles, and textures, it’s hard not to find the right type for you. Call me radical, but can’t denim work for everyone? I ask you, can you remember never owning a single piece of denim? More than likely, your answer is no, and there’s a reason for that.

You see, denim is the North American (and hell, probably dozens of other countries) wardrobe staple. And, as such, we take it completely for granted. We, for the most part, strictly fasten denim into this tight bubble, only allowing ourselves to wear it in either a) a pair of blue-wash jeans or b) an ever-popular denim jacket. But there are so many other options out there.

For instance, ever heard of acid wash? If not, you are clearly missing out. Somewhat reminiscent of the 90’s, acid was combines a fashion-forward look with an edgy twist. This style is not for the faint of heart. As an acid was obsessee myself, I not only own a pair of skinnies in this pattern, but also several button-downs, and even an anorak. There are endless possibilities.

Coloured denim is also an amazing piece to have in your closet. For fall, oxblood (my signature colour, yes yes), forest green, indigo, and even black are some amazing colours that can compliment any outfit. They make a statement and if paired with basically anything, can make it look like you put a lot more thought into your outfit than you actually did. I live in black skinny jeans because they are so chic and, if paired with a white or black top, make it look like I’m following the monochrome trend (which… I totally am… wink wink).

Chambray shirts are also an amazing way to wear denim with a twist. Thought some of them aren’t actual denim, they still follow along the same lines and colour schemes as denim would. They give a classic look to your outfits, and I love them for colder days, under sweaters.

Finally, there’s always denim on denim. Yes, it sounds tacky and somewhat tedious to make work, but trust me, it looks amazing. My tip would be to not over do it: make the outfit simple. Try a chambray shirt with a jean skater skirt. Just make sure that the two denims have slightly different tones and colours. By this I mean don’t do a light wash with a light wash. It will inevitably clash, I’m sad to say.

So there you have it! The many varieties and styles of denim. Playing with textures and colours, as well as styles, can dramatically change your look and make you look at denim in a new perspective. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love all over again.

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How-To: Back-to-School Essentials

Ah, September. The time for textbooks, crisp air, and, that’s right, a bringing out the fall wardrobe.

Now, when you were a kid, you probably used to get brand new clothes for school. Am I right? Well now that you’ve stopped growing out of your clothes every year, it’s time to analyze what you have, and how to make it work for the upcoming season.

Now let’s start with the basics: shirts.

1. A knit sweater. For this season, preferably in any shade of red or oxblood. The days are inevitably getting colder (unless you live in California, which, in that case, skip this one), so why not break out the sweaters already? Though it still might be above 20 some days, the mornings are always chillier than the afternoons, so use this piece to layer! Wearing a thin button-down underneath can create warmth for those chilly runs to 8:30 classes, as well as making you look Oxford-ready. If it warms up later in the day, take off the sweater and you’ll still be able to look effortlessly chic. My favourite way to wear this look is with a classic blue jean and a knee-high or riding boot. It’s very scholar-meets-vogue intern.

2. A printed tee. Now I know every one of you owns one of these in some form or another, so why not utilize them now? They’re fantastic to wear under chunky cardigans and you can express yourself in the process. Brownie points if you rock one with a cheeky comment. Now that’s individual style at its finest.

3. A black maxi skirt. These are literally trans-seasonal, if that’s even a word. You can wear them every single season and they work great for all of them. Dress them up, dress them down. They provide so much option a buffet would be jealous (…ha…ha). But seriously, you can pair a simple black maxi skirt with any colour top, whether it be crop, baggy, or even tailored. For the fall season, I suggest playing with the dark hues by wearing a grey thermal or a navy crop top, alongside a white or cream cardigan. If you want to bring the edge up some more, wear a black ankle boot or a black wedge heel.

4. High waisted jeans aka the love of my life. High waisted jeans are not just for the stylish hipsters out there. Oh, no. They are great because not only do they rarely fall down, but they will never accentuate or create love handles like low rise jeans do. Crazy, right? As well, they are super fashion-forward, making any outfit you wear them with look like something off of Lookbook. I cannot stress how much I love this style of jean. They’re one of my essentials not only for school but for life. Anyone who owns a pair can back me on this.

5. Plaid. Anything plaid. The quint essential pattern of fall, plaid is my go-to look for school. There’s just something about it. It’s edgy, scholastic, and just so Alexander McQueen. Am I right? Opt for a basic piece to coordinate when wearing this print, just to make the plaid the main focus of your outfit. Whether it be pants, shoes, or a shirt, tone the rest of the outfit down to showcase the piece from and centre.

So there you have it! I hope this gave you all somewhat of an idea on how to put together your outfits of school, or even how to incorporate some basics into your fall wardrobe. To all my fellow students out there, I hope you’re having a great first week back and I wish you all the best this semester. Don’t let the assignments weigh you down!

Until next time,