New Year, New Leaf.

Is is March already?

It seriously seems like just yesterday I was deboarding the plane back into Canada, coming home from my 4 months abroad in Korea. Where has the time gone?

Being home has made me realize several things about myself. First, that I want to go back. -Correction- I need to go back. Home may be where the heart is, and quite frankly, my heart is not here anymore.

That leads me to my second point which is that I need to learn how to give things time. Coming home, I was so insistent and resistant towards loving Vancouver again, and I fell into a depression about being here. But the thing I need to learn is that nothing is permanent. I need to learn to enjoy and love the time I have here and yes, I will go back to Korea, but I need to learn to love what I have in this moment. There are so many opportunities here that I need to take advantage of and I need to constantly remind myself to be grounded in the present.

Thirdly, I have realized that I want to get back into blogging again. I have missed it, being so busy abroad, and I want to start doing it again. This is my platform for expression, my space to clear my thoughts, and my canvas to create. I want to start producing content that I enjoy, am proud of, and am passionate about.

That being said, I am going to find the time between school and clubs in order to post once a week. It may be fashion related, it may be a poem, and it might even just be a photo I liked. Either way, I want to start building up my blog once again. Words hold so much power and I want to speak words of influence and inspiration into the world. Call me delusional, but that’s the dream.

Until next time,


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